Governors’ Services, Schools and Learning, FTC

Haringey, London (Greater)
Approx £220 per meeting plus monthly retainer of £50
09 Jan 2017
29 Jan 2017

Governors’ Services, Schools and Learning, – Job Description

POST:                                    Governors Support Officer and Clerk

GRADE:                                PO1

RESPONSIBLE TO:           Head of Governors’ Services                                              



To work in a timely and efficient manner to support school governing bodies to fulfil their strategic role and assist with ensuring that statutory duties are fulfilled.

To be responsible for the administration of the governing body and to provide advice and guidance as necessary on procedures and legislation

The post holder will report to the Head of Governors’ Services and will work effectively with the chair of governors, the headteacher and other governors in the school to which she/he is appointed.

The post holder will be expected to clerk for a minimum of two schools.


The clerk will be responsible for advising the governing bodies on constitutional matters, duties and powers and will work within the broad current legislative framework. He/she will secure the continuity of governing body business and observe confidentiality requirements. The clerk reports to the Head of Governor Services and will work effectively with the chair of governors, the headteacher and other governors in the school to which she/he is appointed.

Main Responsibilities

1. Meetings


  • Provide a comprehensive and effective support service to the head and the chair to prepare a purposeful agenda which takes account of DfE, local authority and church authority (if appropriate) issues, actions agreed at the previous meeting.  Ensure a strong focus on school improvement;
  • encourage the headteacher and others to produce agenda papers on time;
  • produce, collate and distribute the agenda and papers so that recipients receive them by email seven clear days, in advance of the meeting;
  • record the attendance of governors both at the meeting and after through the the Governors Services database and take appropriate action as required
  • Ensure that all paperwork is uploaded onto the Governors Services database as required.
  • advise the governing body on governance legislation, DfE guidance and disseminate  procedural matters provided by the LA, before, during and after the meeting;
  • take notes of the governing body meetings and  prepare minutes, including indicating who is responsible for any agreed action, and follow-up as appropriate;
  • record all decisions accurately and objectively with timescales for actions;
  • send draft minutes and action lists  to the chair and headteacher for amendment/approval by the chair within 10 school days;
  • copy and circulate the approved draft to all governors within the timescale agreed with the governing body;
  • advise absent governors of the date of the next meeting;
  • keep a minute book, or file of signed minutes, as an archive record;
  • following the approval of the minutes by the chair and headteacher, forward a copy to the local authority, and where agreed, to the appropriate church or foundation authority;
  • chair that part of the meeting at which the chair is elected;
  • Inform line manager at earliest opportunity in the event of not being able to attend a meeting due to sickness.

2. Membership


  • input  and update changes into the Governors’ Services database in respect  governors details ;;
  • inform GS of newly appointed governors including details of terms of office;
  • ensure that the database records are updated and that Governors’ Services are informed of actions taken
  • maintain copies of current terms of reference and membership of committee and working parties and nominated governors e.g. Literacy;
  • advise governors and appointing bodies of expiry of the term of office before term expires so elections or appointments can be organised in a timely manner;
  • inform the governing body, GS and church authority (if appropriate) of any changes to its membership;
  • maintain governor meeting attendance records and advise the governing body of non-attendance of governors;
  • advise that a register of governing body pecuniary interests is maintained, reviewed annually and lodged within the school;



  • check with the local authority, and, where appropriate, the church authority, that Disclosure has been successfully carried out on any governor appropriate to do so.
  • In liaison with the governor responsible for training, maintain a record of professional development of all governors.

3.  Advice and Information


  • advise the governing body on procedural issues and on keeping records as appropriate;
  • have access to appropriate legal advice, support and guidance through GS;
  • ensure that all governors have access to the latest Governance handbook  and other relevant information;
  • support new governors in their induction;
  • advise on the content of the school website;
  • support the headteacher in ensuring statutory policies are in place, and are reviewed as required by the governing body;
  • maintain records of governing body correspondence.

4.  Professional Development


  • attend termly briefings and participate in professional development opportunities;
  • keep up-to-date with current educational developments and legislation affecting school governance.

5.  Additional Tasks

The clerk may be asked to perform as part of their duties any of the following.

  • clerk some or all statutory and non statutory governing body committees;
  • clerk additional meetings such as discipline, complaints, exclusions, grievance etc as required;
  • assist with the elections of parent, teacher and staff governors;
  • give advice and support to governors taking on new roles such as chair or chair of a committee;
  • participate in, and contribute to the training of governors in areas appropriate to the clerking role;
  • maintain a file of relevant DfE, local authority and church authorities (if appropriate) documents;
  • maintain archive materials including onto the database;
  • prepare briefing papers for the governing body, as necessary;
  • help to produce a Governing Body Year Planner, which includes an annual calendar of meetings and the cycle of agenda items for meetings of the governing body and its committees.
  • Offer advice to schools in respect of legislation that affects governors i.e website compliance, DBS checks etc
  • Provide cover for others where required in accordance with the protocol for cover.


  • To be fully aware of and understand the duties and responsibilities in relation to child protection and safeguarding children and young people as this applies to your role within the Council.
  • To ensure that your line manager is made aware and kept fully informed of any concerns which you may have in relation to safeguarding and/or child protection.
  • To observe confidentiality on all issues.
  • Understanding, knowledge and ability to follow guidelines that ensure compliance to Health and Safety at Work, Data Protection and other statutory requirements.
  • Health and Safety aspects/issues, first aid/manual handling etc in relation to working environment, ie Hazardous materials and relevant processes/legislations etc
  • Knowledge and experience of using IT/working knowledge adequate or sound knowledge required etc
  • Understanding and commitment to promoting and implementing the Council’s Equal Opportunities policies.
  • To undertake any other temporary duties consistent with the basic duties and/or objectives of the post.

This position requires the postholder to obtain an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate


List main contacts the postholder will deal with in the role.

1.    Schools

2.    Governors

3.    Other Local Authority groups

4.    DfE and other external agencies