Assay Data Domain Owner - Open to flexibility

Stevenage, Hertfordshire
14 Mar 2017
28 Mar 2017
Contract Type

Assay Data Domain Owner - Open to flexibility

Basic qualifications: 

  • PhD or equivalent experience in scientific, computational or mathematical scientific domain
  • Demonstrated successful experience in delivering informatics solutions to scientists
  • Broad knowledge of drug discovery and development
  • Sound knowledge of the data types and sources (internal and external) relevant to the Assay domain and how they can be used to improve and advance decision making
  • Demonstrated understanding of the data science space (e.g., tools, technologies, etc.)
  • Experience of data and industry standards across Assay data    
  • Demonstrated skills to line manage and lead PhD level scientists
  • Demonstrate competencies to work, collaborate, and deliver with external partners (e.g., technology providers, academics)


Why using our assay data so important ? ..

As the strategic owner of the data within the Assay Domain, you will be responsible for making sure the data generated by Platform Technology & Sciences, the department within GSK R&D that supports Drug Discovery, as well as data generated within the therapy area Discovery Performance Units (DPU’s) is of the appropriate quality to enable re-use, working with data types such as images, digital, video, and textual that are produced in the high throughput and high content spaces.  This Assay Domain Owner will be called on to make key decisions such as the relevance/obsolescence of data sources and the best way to integrate, standardize, and/or curate data sources.  

How can you help ? - Summary of new role .. 

This role is a an exciting opportunity to take a lead role that will support key strategies such as discovery modernization and hit-to-candidate in under 2 years.  This person will drive the effort to maximize the accessibility and usability of assay data, while also driving simplification and reducing complexity to support faster and more data-driven decisions, and will be an active part of the transformation of how we discover medicines.

This person will require strong leadership skills and will have shown the ability to influence senior leadership across the enterprise.  This person will have a strong knowledge of the data generated, with a keen understanding of how the data is integrated and optimally used within pipeline discovery programs.  

The job holder will work within the Drug Discovery Platform and also work alongside the R&D Data CoE. The role may have between 3-5 domain experts as direct reports. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing and executing a data domain strategy, each domain being aligned to a business classification of data e.g. Clinical, Assay, Gene etc 
  • Leads a partnership with the R&D business lines, Data CoE, Domain sponsors and domain stakeholders (providers/consumers) to plan on a 1-5 year horizon including;
  1. Leading definition of Domain scope and population (data sources/types) ordering including oversight on the quality of the data, length back in history (scientific/business obsolescence), cost v’s curation, and prioritisation of emerging strategic and new sources internally and externally
  2. Leads the oversight on Domain sensitivities/security/access/legal considerations (eg asset divestment)
  3. Thought leadership on Domain standards, ontologies (both content and metadata) and the processes / resources for on-going curation
  4. Sets and delivers Domain integration requirements to the Platform team and business lines
  5. Co-owns Cross-Domain collaboration (how does this domain fit into the ecosystem), how data is shared across domains and how it is used longitudinally.
  • Delivers, Manages and Leads the SME workflow to deliver data curation process including negotiation and change management of data creation with appropriate meta data and embedding of new processes to standardise data for example machine learning approaches
  • Supports development of change management plans and leads execution of delivery within the R&D lines to identify and engage the right SMEs, securing the appropriate amount of time needed by the SMEs (i.e., ~20%)
  • Supports the value creation (information as an asset), monitoring and reporting of this domain population and usage to others. 
  • Govern the access/control policy for the domain (facilitated by CoE framework)
  • Provide/enforce guidance relative to GxP re-use of data
  • Supports the Data CoE Innovation and Incubation group to define and prioritise use cases and delivery approaches
  • Works alongside the Data CoE and R&D IT to ensure that the domain strategy and roadmap has a supported and sustainable IT roadmap, particularly with regard to lifecycle management of key sources on the R&D inventory 
  • Co-Leadership of Collaboration/Engagement with other domain owners
  • Provides line management leadership of data experts where needed and leads relevant business lines with data stewardship plans and processes that drive re-use of data


This role operates across all/multiple R&D business lines as part of the CoE, and also within the relevant business lines – for example PCPS or PTS with support and guidance from the Data CoE. The impact of this role will span R&D and also set GSK up as having competitive advantage against external competitors.

The Domain strategy and delivery is supported directly by Patrick Vallance and the R&D exec and the domain owner will work with the R&D exec right through the lines to people creating and curating data

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity.

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