Lead Fundraiser & Team Administrator, Open to flexible working

London (Greater)
£28,000 per annum
09 May 2017
09 Jun 2017
Charity, Sales

Lead Fundraiser & Team Administrator, Open to flexible working

Full Time: 35 hours per week
3 days per week from home – flexible hours, suited to applicant’s lifestyle.
2 days per week from London – 9 – 6 presence in London location.
Very flexible working - We are open to conversations to suit the job to the right candidate’s lifestyle.


Lead Fundraiser

Our large donations workstream aims to gather donations of over £1000 from individuals, companies, or organisations. You will lead this key fundraising workstream for our organisation.

You will be expected to understand and clearly communicate the aims of our organisation; drum up support from existing contacts, and develop new valuable relationships; build first class relationships with prospective and existing donors; research and apply for grants; and seek new fundraising opportunities.

In addition you’ll need to

  • Inspire new supporters to donate money
  • Implement our existing strategy for major donor giving, and develop/refine the strategy as we move forward
  • Organize events for donors
  • Communicate with donors day-to-day as well as send communication updates across appropriate channels to inform them of the charity’s work
  • Arrange key relationships e.g. sponsors for events
  • Research and apply to grants from charitable trusts whose criteria match CSH’s aims and objectives
  • Manage volunteers to carry out various functions within the charity
  • Manage donor database to record giving and communication preferences
  • Manage your time to impact ratio, to focus time on the fundraising with the highest return and likelihood of success

For this role you’ll need a good understanding of charitable fundraising, of the relationship between business and charitable giving, and trust and grants giving.

You won’t be expected to have background knowledge of property or housing, though it would be an advantage. However you will be expected to be enthusiastic about the organisation’s aims and have an ongoing commitment to the cause of the charity.

We anticipate the overall duties of this role as three days per week.

Administrative duties

You’ll be responsible for the smooth running of the team’s administration. Including arranging team meetings, managing travel arrangements, preparing reports, event arrangements, and project coordination.

We anticipate this to be two days work per week.


  • An understanding of different forms of fundraising and how they can be applied to maximize the income of charity.
  • Understanding of individual giving and donor management.
  • Demonstrable success in writing funding applications
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to pick up small actions while maintaining umbrella view of workload
  • Bias for action
  • Content to work under own steam, and work from home
  • Manage own time, priorities & workload
  • Confidence to say no when it is required
  • Strong computing skills across basic computing package (word, powerpoint, excel)

About Us

We are a new social enterprise, setting up within an established organisation.

As a new organisation, we are creating processes and operations, and are in an exciting phase of the business. This requires flexibility from our team, and means we are best suited to those who are energised by new projects and comfortable working in a changing environment.

It means the responsibilities of this job are likely to develop and change with the business as it grows.

What We Do

Community Sponsors Homes is creating an innovative investment fund providing homes for wheelchair users.

97% of the UK’s privately rented properties are owned by landlords who have less than three properties. Understandably those landlords don’t have the appetite, inclination, or knowledge to provide wheelchair accessible properties.

As a result, there are very few wheelchair accessible properties available, and wheelchair users are left in unsuitable accommodation. They are often unable to bathe themselves at home, are reliant on a carer when they may not need to be, are unable to leave one or two rooms of the house, and are often unable to leave the house at all. This means they can’t work, have higher heating bills, and have emotional distress.

In parallel, this is simply an unserved market. Wheelchair users need accessible homes, can pay for them, and would like them to be provided.

Community Sponsors Homes are launching the UK’s first residential impact investment fund investing in accessible properties.

We will purchase properties in the UK for rental. These will help the residents and their families benefit from the security and independence that long-term open-market adapted housing offers.

Through a unique investment mechanism, and dependent on investor support, we will be able to provide residents sub-market cost accommodation, and a clear route to home ownership.

In the future, we can take this investment mechanism to the wider market, helping all of generation rent.

This fund will be

  1. The first investment in the UK specifically for accessible properties
  2. The first to use management best practices, lobbied for by Shelter and promoted by the government. Such as 5 year tenancies with a resident-side only break clause
  3. The first to offer market rates, plus sub-market rental rates as well as a clear route to home ownership for residents.

To apply please submit your CV via the below method.