Agile Coaching Operations Manager - open to flexible working

15 Apr 2021
23 Apr 2021
Contract Type

Agile Coaching Operations Manager

You will directly support the Lead Agile Coach in the management of the day-to-day coaching operations of the newly formed Agile Centre of Excellence within Consumer Healthcare Tech.

You will support in managing Consumer Healthcare Tech's Agile method and coaching operating model, and will promote Agility principles and practices throughout the organisation using measures and metrics.

You will be one of the main drivers of the Agile Centre of Excellence, establishing the standards and guardrails which inform "how" work is performed across the organisation. To support the "how," you will work with the Lead Agile Coach and senior leaders to make sure they understand what knowledge and resources are available to them and work with them to prioritise resources, as needed.

You will work with a team of Agile Coaches who will be deployed to Tribes and Squads, to develop them to improve their performance, knowledge and expertise, as well as that of the teams they are assigned to.

Responsibilities as the Agile Coaching Operations Manager:

Build and maintain Consumer Healthcare Tech's Agile methodology, standards and community:

  • Establish roadmaps and guardrails to inform "how" work is prioritised within tribes and how it is executed by squads
    • Manage and update Agile Method for consistent definition and application of Agile practices, interactions and ceremonies
    • Manage and update the Coaching Handbook for consistent definition and application of Agile coaching practices in moving teams to sustainably Agile.
    • Support the Tooling Lead in the build, adoption and evolution of Jira (+ additional tools)
    • Support the Lead Agile Coach in refining, enhancing, and delivering Agile training for Squads and Tribes
  • Supervise operational compliancy in Agile teams
    • Champion continual adoption of Agile & agile maturity of teams via agile maturity assessment and facilitate measurement and monitoring of Agile metrics
    • Support design and set up of new squads, tribes and chapters
  • Stay on top of relevant developments and innovations in agile and lean, both internally and externally
    • Sharing relevant insights and developments in agile and learn with your teams and other senior leaders across the organisation

Oversee the people, resources, and priorities within the Agile Enablement Office

  • Proactively work with Lead Agile Coach and Tribes to identify and fill resourcing needs for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters
  • Maintain your own technical knowledge through learning and continuous improvement
  • Identify Agile Coach/ Scrum Master resourcing gaps - recruit, onboard and train Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, and establish relationship with strong external vendors

Coordinate and define interactions within and between Tribes and other CoEs (e.g. Risk)

  • Coordinate with Tribe Leads and Product Owners to design interactions and interdependencies between Squads and Tribes
  • Work with Portfolio Leads to maintain and improve the Tribe(s)' interaction models to ensure effective governance and resource planning between teams and functions

Support the adoption of Consumer Healthcare Tech's new way of working

  • Support the Lead Agile Coach in defining a roadmap, strategy, and operating guardrails for Agile ways of working, working closely with Senior Leadership to align strategic objectives
  • Work with senior leaders to coach them on agile principles and techniques and catalyse the adoption of agile ways of working throughout the organisation
  • Work with Tribes to identify and resolve challenges and changes needed within the Agile model and non-technical processes
  • Partner with change management to create Agile communication for all org levels to generate awareness


  • You are recognised as an agile role model: you work collaboratively, show courage, take responsibility, have confidence, you speak out, are creative, and you simplify
  • Challenging the status quo, eloquently articulating your perspective to challenge the beliefs of senior leaders
  • Communicating and influencing senior leaders, being credible and proactive with excellent communication skills
  • You are skilled in collecting, analysing and presenting qualitative & quantitative information
  • You are analytically sharp; you can understand, structure and present complex problems
  • Excel in commitment and integrity and are therefore a trusted person for the team
  • Have a "do it, try it, fix it" mentality and you ask that of others
  • You know how to quickly master a new environment and you are a conversation partner at all levels
  • You have excellent people management skills: listening, motivating, observing, giving and receiving feedback helps individuals and teams grow

Why you?
Basic Qualifications:

We are looking for professionals with these required skills to achieve our goals:

  • Proven experience in an coaching/mentoring and/or leadership role, in a large scaled agile organisation including:
  • Significant work experience playing an active leadership role in scaled agile transformations
  • Demonstrated experience of coaching or training organisations and senior leaders on agile methodologies
  • Demonstrated experience of having build agile capabilities within complex, de-centralised organisations at the start of their agile journeys
  • Experience of working in consulting preferred
  • Good understanding of technology enabled business transformation, Digital transformation, Organisational transformation, delivering enterprise-level IT and Digital projects
  • Exceptional communications and senior leader management skills

Interested in Joining the Team?

Please apply via our online portal providing your CV and Cover Letter.
Please ensure you apply before CoP Wednesday 21st April 2021 to ensure you're in the running!
(Please take a personal copy of the Job Description, as this will not be available online post closure of the advert)



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