Research & Executive Candidate Recruitment, part time, work from home, great training, global focus

Flexible dependent on experience
12 Oct 2017
12 Nov 2017
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Research & Executive Candidate Recruitment, part time, work from home, great training, global focus

Due to continued demand from our employer clients, we need to add another professional to our team – someone who shares our mission to bring respect and ethics into every hiring process.

We are a recruitment company, but at the “high end” within the retained search industry. We work on behalf of multi-national companies, who have a need to hire professionals with very specific skills and experience; and these clients pay for our global knowledge and expertise in “hunting” for people to work for them around the world.

We’re seeking an experienced professional to find, screen, interview and coach our specialist executive population; and to support on the ultimate negotiations, placement, onboarding and settlement of those people into their new "career homes".  

This person will be:

  • Using a variety of research methods and marketing tools to find people, then contact them, and check their interest in appropriate roles.
  • Booking and conducting screening calls with people who show initial interest, and be checking whether they really meet the minimum skill and experience level that our employer clients require
  • Booking and conducting in-depth competency interviews with professionals to "winkle out" the fine details of their transferable skills for each role we're considering them for
  • Making final recommendations to our hiring clients on why they should/should not be continuing the interview process with our candidates, and then managing all stakeholders through further interviews, with a view to achieving an ultimately successful employment agreement 
  • Advising people directly when they’re not suitable and making an action plan on how to potentially help them in future
  • Fielding the hundreds of unsolicited applicants who contact us, and doing so in a manner that treats people respectfully and protects our own hard won company brand
  • Managing ongoing analysis and marketing updates to provide “value add” information to our networks
  • Working with a broader team to ensure all compliance, regulations and project milestones are met, and all ongoing interview booking and travel logistics are effected.

You don't need previous experience of working within a search firm. However you will need an extensive, multi year work history within the offices of private sector employers that has enabled you to finesse and successfully demonstrate these essential core competencies:

  • Advanced written and verbal English. We’re dealing with executives all around the globe so we need exceptional communication skills. If your spoken English is not fit for a board room, if you have to rely on spell check software, if you cannot accurately proof read a 2 page document; then this isn’t the job for you.
  • Resilience with “pick yourself up and dust yourself down” self drive. Even when you’ve spoken to hundreds of people, and think you’ve finally found the one perfect person in the world for any given role, the employer client can change the criteria on whom they’re really seeking. Or the candidates can change their minds about moving. Or business strategy change can make the role just disappear. We guarantee there will be many, many days when you’re tearing your hair out. If you cannot handle high levels of pressure on a sustained basis, then this isn’t the job for you.
  • Cultural respect. We’re dealing with people from all around the world, of different nations, faiths, and sexualities. These people are global leaders typically of 20 years plus career experience. We need to understand and adjust our working styles to fit in with them. If you think people have to change to fit in with you, then you won’t be happy here.
  • Emotional intelligence. Read up on it. You cannot be successful in this job without it.
  • Time management. We’re talking about the extreme kind – imagine your day with multiple interviews to be conducted, a series of unsolicited phone calls to be handled, probably a hundred or so emails to be replied to, your washing machine just broke down mid cycle and a friend has just lobbed on your doorstep needing support with a family crisis. Those days where you haven’t had time to pee or eat lunch and you’ve just spilt coffee all over your new white shirt. If you’re not a master juggler or spinner of plates, or if you've only ever worked in a regular 9-5 office; this isn’t the job for you.
  • Computer savvy. We provide all the equipment and software and licences that you’ll need to do the job. But we don’t have the luxury of an IT team. So when your printer jams up, it’ll be up to you to figure out the fix. When Microsoft wants to upgrade its windows program (usually right in the middle of an interview – aaargh!) It’ll be up to you to click the right buttons. And with so many internet searches, email communications, and constant skype online meetings, you’d better be confident with a keyboard! If you need training with any of these aspects, this isn’t the job for you.
  • Good manners and integrity. Reputation is everything in our industry. One foolish word, one missed call, one perceived disrespectful treatment of a candidate or employer client, one mis-truth; and you’re finished. So you’d better be the kind of person who delivers what you promise. And have the organisation skills to make sure you follow up on everything, all of the time. If the “thank you” note is a foreign concept, this isn’t the job for you.
  • Sensational record keeping and attention to detail - we are crazy for process and ensuring a little order within the chaos of our multi-tasking workloads!

What are we offering?

  • Home office work arrangement with flexible work hours (to fit in with the international time zones we’re working across daily)
  • Intensive and extensive training in all aspects of the retained search industry (we’re great getting newcomers up to speed, and credible in this profession)
  • A well established and reputable company brand within our existing communities (so plenty of VIP’s just waiting to offer their help)
  • Highly varied and interesting work
  • Grown up work environment (where you are expected to contribute ideas that add to the ongoing growth of the company rather than being “just an employee”)
  • A market competitive salary (with annual profit sharing bonus)
  • Planned travel for team events in London, Zurich, Beziers (you’ll need a current passport)
  • Nice people to work with (we're all 40 plus in years, with no time for fools or company politics, but we're having fun, especially after work with a glass or two of vino!)
  • A truly global candidate community and clients who are making and doing some pretty cool things (some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, and some exciting high growth SME’s).

If this sounds like the kind of career role that just might be of interest to you, and that would build on your minimum 10 year corporate work history; please do send through a current CV and covering letter highlighting your strengths to this role, and why you're seeking a career change at this time. We are very open to return-to-work folks; and can accommodate a 4 or 5 day work week. 

No individual queries can be taken (apologies but our current workload for paying clients restricts our time).  However every genuine applicant will receive a response.

UK/EU citizens only will be considered and our preference is for a professional already based within South East England to spend regular time for training and team meetings with our other home based team members near Bexleyheath, Kent. Other languages will be highly regarded (although are not essential).


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