Employer-Led Apprenticeship Consultant: Part time 1-2 days/wk

YGAM Innovation Limited
Homeworking, West Midland, London
c£225 per day plus travel expenses
01 Mar 2018
14 Mar 2018
Contract Type
Freelance/self employed

Employer-Led Apprenticeship Consultant, Part time 1-2 days/wk

Reporting to: Board

Liaison with: All members of staff, board, national stakeholders

Contract period: This post will be offered as a part time post, It is anticipated the role will work between 2 and 4 days per week. We are seeking a registered self-employed consultant (evidence of your Unique Tax Reference number and personal indemnity insurance must be provided) who will work part time, flexibly between 1 and 2 days per week

Usual working hours: 9am – 5pm.

Location: Work from home.  

Organisational Objectives:

YGAM Innovation offers authentic, customised, nationally-recognised Pearson qualifications at Levels 1, 2, and 3. These qualifications are aimed at colleagues who work within the gambling & gaming industry, public health, or licensing authorities and who specifically want to learn more about or minimise gambling or gaming-related harm amongst their customers, clients, or the general public.

Additionally, YGAM Innovation is working with the gambling & gaming industry specifically to form a Government Approved Trailblazer Group. This Group will create a new Apprenticeship Standard for the gambling & gaming industry, allowing operators to gain value from the Apprenticeship Levy.

One hundred percent of all profits generated by YGAM Innovation are donated to YGAM (the Young Gamblers Education Trust) to enable the charity to diversify and build unrestricted income, which will be spent to increase its social impact and reach.

YGAM Innovation contributes to the RSGB National Responsible Gambling Strategy; Priority Action Six: Piloting Innovations and Priority Action Eight: Education to Minimise Harm

Main objectives of the post

We are seeking a registered self-employed consultant (evidence of your Unique Tax Reference number and personal indemnity insurance must be provided) to lead an exciting project to create a market leading apprenticeship standard for the UK’s gambling & gaming sector. More specifically, the post holder will lead the following specific tasks (i) incorporate a cross-sector Trailblazers Group, (ii) work with our partners and stakeholders to develop an apprenticeships standard and end-point assessment, (iii) lead the Government approval process, and (iv) support the Ofsted quality process.


Incorporate a cross-sector Trailblazers Group

  • Develop awareness of project among the operators and develop marketing collateral
  • Develop impactful relationships with the Human Resources, Training and Compliance leads from UK licensed gambling operators.
  • Incorporate a Trailblazers Group, agree terms of reference, lead meetings Develop an apprenticeships standard and end-point assessment
  • Bring together our delivery partners and operators to develop the standard & end-point assessment
  • Develop education and training resources with our Director of Education
  • Develop Ofsted inspection processes with our Head of Quality-Assurance

Government Approval Process

  • Develop relationships with the Institute of Apprenticeships and the Education & Skills Funding Agency
  • Work with our Chair, Treasurer and partner operators to develop the budgets and support with funding draw-down

Ofsted Quality Process

  • Develop Ofsted inspection processes with our Head of Quality-Assurance


  • Attend regular planning and support sessions with the YGAM Innovation team
  • Maintain professional and confidentiality boundaries with stakeholders
  • Assume leadership of and drive your work to achieve the agreed outcomes

This is a part-time position. We are seeking a consultant who has the skills to help us develop YGAM Innovation and grow the business in a sustained manner, delivering high quality training for our partners, while maximising the financial contribution to our charity.  

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